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Not forsaking the gathering together

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Australia, Victoria

Mark Vernuccio

Hi I’m Mark from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. I am a single man and was born in 1974 to Italian and Maltese immigrants, and presently work in the precious metals industry. After seeking truth for many years I have been blessed by Christ through His Holy Church to understand that the liberty to give freely and to not take what is not mine which is His Righteousness is one of the main keys to the kingdom of God. I have come to realise by His Holy Spirit and through the materials provided here and that appear in scripture that the kingdom of God was and is an actual government with Jesus as it’s King, with a real economy and other mechanisms designed by God to far exceed any attempt by man to provide for the health, welfare, education, and general well being, prosperity and life of humanity which the modern “church” seems to know nothing about. This is the Way of Christ that is being revealed to me and I believe will be revealed to the whole world in time to come.

Join the Trans-Tasman group includes Australia, New Zealand

Also covering Asia Network All of Asia and India



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Paul Bethke,

Husband to Lisa. Father of four. Just celebrated our 25th anniversary. Eeking out my living servicing computers in all ways. I have been seeking the TRUTH for many years, and my search has lead me to His Holy Church. My path has been political. But the spiritual part of me agrees, in my heart, this is the right place to be and the right way to be living. Paul's email: Paul at BethkeFamily dot com Phone: 414 area code 467-9978

Join the Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota network

Also covering South American Network Southern American Hemisphere including Mexico.

And the Middle East Network

And Africa Network Serving all Africa, Madagascar and Seychelles Islands


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Embassador Hadar,

Serving God in Minnesota and where ever He calls. God has blessed us with a growing fellowship in Southeast sub-burbs of the Twin Cities. Men and women are being raised up that are filled with God's Spirit willing to do His work. As God gathers His Church and forms it we marvel at His goodness. Our congregational worship assemblies are based on home Church where several families gather together and worship God. More people in the Church means another home Church will come forth. We are His people called by His name desiring to live under Him in faith, hope, charity, grace and most of all His love. We look forward to hearing from you as you “Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness”!

Join the Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota network


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Friends of His Church at North Dakota

Michael Davis

Michael has been a faithful Minister trustee for property of the Friends of His Church at North Dakota. He has been elected as a minister of Record for His Church at the James River covering the Dakota area.

Michael's email :GoTellItOnTheMountain at yahoo dot com Phone: 701 area code 269-9836

Join the Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota network


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Iowa, His Church at Loess Hills

Scott Hostetter,

Husband to Angela, dad to Jordan and Milan, avid heirloom gardener, seed saver, and composter. I had turned my back on our Creator in my teens having been fully indoctrinated into the adversary's system of secular humanism, evolutionary theology, and Mystery Babylon and all it's trappings, but through a series, of what appeared to be at the time, unrelated events I was learning about our Creator in an indirect way, which was by studying the Roman civil law, as a requirement of my worldly job, when I was part of the kosmos or constitutional order of man. Five years ago I changed my nationality, began the process of: coming out of Babylon (gave up my worldly career, etc), repenting and seeking His Kingdom and government.
Scott's email: ywhw_qahal_loess_hills@yahoo.com
And Phone number: 71two-527-7533

Join the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky network




Lake of the Oaks, Northeast Missouri,

Brent Jarvis,

I am a Husband and Father of four children. We moved from the city to the country back in 2006 in order to live more independently and to learn how to rely on our Heavenly Father for His provision. I have tried more diligently over the last ten years or so to follow Truth. I believe I have a lot to learn and I am more than willing to learn if the Spirit of the Almighty will continue to teach me. I also believe that Faith involves doing...putting our hands to work in obedience to our Father. I happened upon HHC while looking for others who had similar ideas. Come to find out I wasn't crazy after all...there are others out there who believe in Faith, Hope, and Charity under the perfect law of Liberty.

Join the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky network



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Iowa, Council Bluffs,


BobbyMo lives in Council Bluffs with his wife Phyllis. He has been studying HHC's material of YAHUWAH'S Kingdom for 14 months and have a greater insight of his ROLE in the KINGDOM and The PURPOSE OF THE KINGDOM because of those materials: through prayer, revelation and study. He enjoys learning, especially languages, interpretation/translation of ancient texts and the scriptures as a whole. He also enjoys playing and watching baseball. Bobby Mo's email:bobbymo5 at msn dot com and contact phone number as 71two-323-3902

Join the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky network

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David Cothern

On the Road,

David Cothern,

I'm a truck driver from South Dakota. I stay in Sioux Falls when I'm "home". I'm single with no children. When I came across HHC, I knew right away that I was being exposed to the truth. How simple to see when our eyes have been opened. My heart yearns to bring the truth to others, and to help in any way God allows me to.

Join the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky network



Tim Pomerenke

Iowa, Glenwood

Tim Pomerenke,

I have two sons that I love very much! The Spirit of Yahuwah has led me over the years, and most of the time I didn't even realize where He was leading me. But that is His goodness and mercy. He has brought me to HHC Network in this way and I have been given the understanding that it is the most like the early church. I pray for His help in enabling me to be a good CM for the people in the network. I pray daily for Him to mold me into the image of His Son Yahuwshua and manifest all the fruits of the Spirit in my life. I believe HHC Network will be a tool in doing this. I look forward to growing in Messiah with everyone in the network.

Join the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky network

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Texas, Azle, near Dallas/Fort Worth

Debbie Simmons

Debbie is a freedom loving mom of one teenage son and wife of Douglas. Her background is in education and helping others. Their lives have been dedicated to serving our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, learning better how to serve Him. With the discovery of HHC, they endeavor to walk the precepts of God. They know that the coming together with fellow followers is a necessary part of that adventure and they are dedicated to serving those that would put their trust in His glory.

Debbie: email ddandk at rocketmail dot com Phone: 817-two70-2240

Join the Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi network





Texas, Central Texas

Bro. Mark,

I am caretaker of TRT ministries, a Mathew 23 mission, a privacy advocate, activist, wayseer and truthseeker desiring to help like-minded lovers of liberty to restore everyone born of a mother back to his property and possessions and  their actions and soul to the Great Creator.  Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance, or company, in your travels on this wondrous mind-boggling big blue space ball hurling through the galaxy.

Join the Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi network




Arkansas, Leslie 


Tom & Elisheba have been serving Yah (Psalm 68:4) in the body of Messiah for years. They also serve one another as husband and wife. They challenge and encourage Yah’s people to “Study to Show Thyself Approved,” and to understand what it is to be born from above, to walk in the Spirit, and to be taught by Him. “Simply Good Health” is another aspect of their ministry. They have been learning and helping people to understand and apply the Scriptural and natural principles for caring for our body temples for decades. They also love to travel, spend time with old friends, and make new friends who love Yah with their whole hearts, and love their neighbor as themselves. You may contact them at: 77zero658seven445 or at elisheba7n at gmail dot com.

Join the Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi network


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Paul c

Cape Cod, Massachussets,

Paul Cappadona,

Paul lives with his lovely wife Heidi and their three children. Erin age 18, Brian soon to be 16, and Jessica 10 going on 30. Paul has been self employed in several different businesses for the past twenty-five years. His only hobbies are bible study and seeking the kingdom of God. We open our home every Sunday with a teaching and study ministry. As of lately and into the foreseeable future we will be heavy into Kingdom studies. It is high time we His children come out from among them using this network to do His will on earth as it is in heaven. The handwriting is on the wall chose your Kingdom, the kingdom of the United States or Gods kingdom. There is a lot to learn and even more to do so let’s get started.

Paul email: cappadonaconstruction at yahoo dot com phone 776 two one six 1422

Join the Northeastern, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island group


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New Paltz, New York,

Isabelle Evans,

My name is Isabelle Evans and I live in New Paltz, New York with my only child, Adam. I am not proud to say that (for now) I work in the world as a teacher; a public servant and slave to public education. I have come to understand that the Kingdom of God is here on earth and I am seeking to build it and help others find it. I have just begun this walk and want to be a servant to those seeking the Kingdom. To those of you traveling in the New York region, please contact me at (845) 416-5518 grizevan@aol.com.

Join the Northeastern, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island group


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Palmer, Massachusetts,

Jay Noone,

I live in Palmer Mass with my girlfriend Sarah. I am the oldest of 6, I have 4 brothers and one sister. I grew up on a horse farm in western Mass.
Our family business is horses. I primarily buy and sell hay. I am handy with equipment and the law. I make it a point to keep public servants in line the best I can. I like to help my fellow man with what ever he/she needs help with.

Join the Northeastern, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island group


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Michigan, Nazareth,

Pastor Brian,

Pastor Brian seeks to fully give his allegiance and service to Christ and with God's Government, Christ's appointed Kingdom, the State of Liberty. The simple Way of Truth, as revealed in Scripture, is to be realized within each man and woman, and to be lived-out, on Earth, in everyday life...henceforth, one interacts with the world, but is not of the world and its ways. Pastor Brian assists others, as a Property and Personal Caretaker, and is available to help others in practical, Kingdom of Heaven citizenship/residency living.

Brian: Email spirituallawministry at hotmail dot com Phone: 26nine-324-2612

Join the Michigan network



Paul John

Washington, Auburn

Paul John,

I am but a humble servant and Ambassador of the most high. I am a Worship Musician on the state of washington. Ministering through Agape Ministries of Helps Foundation I have been preparing for the incredible harvest soon to be upon the earth. As Christians we are told to be in the world but not of it. Revelation 18:4 tells us to come out of her less we partake of her sins and coming plagues. I believe that H.H.C. offers us that opportunity by gathering as the early church did under the covering of His Government. I look forward to serving and sharing the common sense and many skills and gifts that have been given me. Brother Paul, email: ministries_agape at yahoo dot com phone 20six.497.149two

Join the Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming network




Paul F

Oregon, His Church at Wilsonville and Portland SW Metro,

Paul Fruin,

I'm the father of two grown children and live on the southern border of the Portland Metropolitan Area in Oregon's upper Willamette Valley. I founded Kingdom Adventure Guides, a workplace ministry serving "remnant leaders" - those desiring to actively co-labor with God by not merely stewarding a company but being an "activated witness" and a shepherd to activate other Christ Followers in their companies as witnesses of Jesus 24/7. My business/ministry partner and I came across Gregory's Kingdom teachings in the course of developing our consulting process and believe his teaching parallels biblical kingdom teaching better than most. My prior career experience included eight years serving two workplace ministry organizations, where I encouraged leaders to operate their companies according to biblical principles and equip institutional churches to strategically focus on the workplace as an important mission field. Prior to this, I managed corporate and commercial real estate and facilities and finances in higher education.

Join the Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming network


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Charleston, West Virginia

Shannah Aherns

Our family of six lives just north of Charleston.  We've been homeschoolers, wannabe homesteaders, herbalist and partly self-employed, and all the while off doing our own thing and part of the world.  The message of HHC is something we're passionate about, for nothing like it exists to bring all people together who have the desire for something better.  The moral support and better focus can't be beat anywhere.  The leadership, activity and projects are great, and everyone is treated equal.  I first reached out to HHC in fear for myself, now I want to reach out to the world in spiritual freedom and love - it is a change of heart and mind that YHWH is seeking foremost, so I can trust the future by dumping the worry.  Alone, we were just more ineffective and less stable.  Our own background is Messianic, and we are available for outreach to all. 

Join the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC network


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Virginia, Central area

Rosemary ("Mimi") Beniga

My husband, John Risser, and I are followers of Almighty Yahweh and we seek to walk in His Kingdom apart from the world's kingdom.  We have been married for 17 years, the last 14 of which have been out of the corporate church.  We are servants and we are here to serve in anyway that Yahweh would have us to do.   Our Father has blessed us through the men and women He has put in our lives and we are excited to meet other brothers and sisters in Yashua Messiah.  John and I are one, Eph. 5:31 "For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh", and together we are here to serve, to edify, to encourage, to fellowship, to study, and to help others in the living network as we walk and grow in His Kingdom daily.


Join the Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC network





Deb and Michael Darby

Michael and Deb are empty-nesters desiring to love the Lord their God and their neighbors as themselves in the full freedom He provides, and which they are learning is so much more than they've been taught. Michael's background and experience as a child with Catholicism was not good, and he came to Christ as an adult in 1979. His work experience has been in retail, bank and mortgage company lending and recruiting doctors and pharmacists. Deb was raised Southern and Conference Baptist and desired to be a missionary as a young person. She worked on staff at one of the largest churches in Albuquerque for 14 years. Together Michael and Deb served in a GARBC for 5 years in the late 80's in California before relocating with his job to New Mexico. Their most recent corporate church experience and service was in a very small Conservative Baptist Church for 3 years. They have had their perspective turned upside down with respect to small/large church, small group and political involvement by Brother Gregory's teaching.

Join the Colorado group includes Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas


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Sacramento, California

Justin Garduno

I am a minister in Sacramento California doing only what I hear and see the Father do. I spend a lot of my time working in the market place building and establishing relationships. My motto is to be available to preach the Gospel and use words if necessary to be the hands and heart of God in action, a minister of reconciliation, time and love in many homes and families. With His blessings in JESUS' powerful name.

Join the California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona network






Nitsan-Parach (Neat sawn-Pa rock)

You first must "seeks" The Kingdom and His righteousness...and then strive to enter The Kingdom by His righteousness (WAYS AND MEANS)... I can't help but wonder... if California was the first to fall into the hands of the Merciful God... could it be ... the united States and the world would follow??? ..."Without shirking your obligations and responsibilities, LEGALLY/LAWFULLY divest yourself of all you can, clear your schedule, gird up your loins, and let's start seeking and striving - together...


Join the California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona network


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Canada, Ontario, Guelph

David Kennedy,

I have a loving wife, Olga and 2 children. I preached and ministered in the former Soviet Union for 2.1/2 years. But I want to live the Kingdom of God Way. Our major calling is to share Him with others by loving our neighbour as ourselves and not by word of mouth alone but by action. 'Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.' (James 1:27)

Join the Canadian network


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North Carolina [formerly New York]

Kendall Anderson,

Kendall is a loving husband to his wife NaTasha Anderson and a devoted father of two sons and one daughter. He is a gifted teacher and inspirational leader and served as the Pastor of Word of Life Fellowship Ministry in Rochester New York, presently building the Life Center at Charlotte, North Carolina. He also consults and train leaders in the business, government, church, and education sectors. My desire is to serve as a contact minister on this network seeing Jesus Christ and His government set mankind free from the bondage of sin and mediocrity, thus making relationships more harmonious and diverse under the rulership of the Kingdom of God. This network is a great instrument for revolutionizing how we socialize and become a free society under the Kingdom of God.

Join the Carolina group including North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee network





Central Florida


I am 50 year old married father of 9. I work in a Genesis 2:15 ministry in central Florida. Having the confirmation in my spirit of the truth HHC brings, I hope to be His servant to His Church in central Florida, with His message "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand". I am currently working on my fifth Phd. in the "School of Hard Knocks" being conformed to His image.

Join the Carolina group including North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee network

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Oregon, Summer Lake

Richard Waters

Married with 3 children, I want to see HHC network grow. It is time for action, "the treasure of the kingdom is the people". We now have to learn how to come together!I am here serve you all as a contact minister, but I am not your leader. I am just a contact point in the larger network. It is up to all of us to make contact, create bonds and build a solid network here in Oregon and across the country and around the world. I look forward to meeting you all one day.

Join the Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming network

Europe Network
This group serves Great Britain, Scandinavia, Europe through Northern Russia.





The UnNumbered Forum


Married with 3 children. There are a growing number of parents that have chosen to not volunteer to obtain SSN's for their children. I started the UnNumbered Forum to give those that have never had a SSN a place to meet and talk together. These individuals face the unique situation of deciding as adults to get a number or learning to live in a world that is becoming increasingly exclusionary to those without the numbers. Everyone that has never had a number is welcome.

Join the UnNumbered Forum





The Living Network Links

You cannot love your neighbor in truth if you do not know who he is.

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Articles on Networking

Fractal Networking
When Jesus was preaching the Kingdom of God at hand He talked about a mustard seed that could grow by faith into a mighty tree providing life and shelter for all who seek its branches.

The Purpose and Guidelines of Local groups
"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20
The purpose of the network is to bring people together to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

The Audacity of Hope
There are numerous institutions that may be created based on faith, hope and charity that can aid us on the road to the Kingdom and the righteousness of God.


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